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Principles of Feng Shui

Feng shui is not a new phenomenon despite its current popularity. People have harnessed the forces of nature and the earth's energy to improve on their local environment and their way of life since ancient times. Today, when life throws up so many challenges, it is essential to get the forces of nature working with you, rather than against you, so that you can achieve your full potential and create the most positive atmosphere in which to succeeded - and this is where feng shui provides so many answers.

Improving with Feng Shui

Feng shui has become a major phenomenon around the world and it is used by all strata of society, from famous celebrities and major corporations to the family living down the road - because intuitively it makes sense. You feel better and operate at your full capacity in the right atmosphere. More importantly, you will quickly see that feng shui really works and can help to improve not only your home and your immediate environment, but also your health and moods, your relationships, creativity, finances and family life, career and spiritual life.

Benefits of Feng Shui

Below are some of the improvements that you might experience after using feng shui:

  • Greater control of your own destiny

  • A better understanding of life

  • A happier atmosphere at home

  • A greater awareness of the forces of nature

  • The ability to create an environment that helps you to achieve your full potential.

Feng shui is not about magic solutions. It is all about developing yourself in a way that gives you the means to draw in the power around you and live your life to the full.

Knowledge and Foundation of Feng Shui

By having the feng shui knowledge will make it possible for you to live the feng shui dream and empower yourself through the energy that is all around you. Some of the feng shui knowledge should cover areas like:

  • The key concepts that form the foundation of feng shui. Understand these and everything else makes perfect sense. Master what feng shui is and how it works, transforming this fascinating subject from myth and superstition into natural science and something that becomes almost common sense.

  • The different styles of feng shui which might sometimes appear to contradict each other. Each school of feng shui must have an explanation so that you can readily identify the various styles and recognize where other attitudes or people are coming from.

  • Chi - the fundamental 'stuff' on which feng shui is based - a subtle charge of electromagnetic energy that connects your own emotional energy to the space around you. It is the mixing of your own chi with the chi of your home that defines how you feel there.

  • Yin and Yang - the words that describe the opposing and complementary ways in which you react to the chi that mixes with your own energy field. Yin and yang make the vital connection between you and everything else.

  • The five elements of wood, fire, soil, metal and water. A remarkable cycle in which five different types of chi interact, thereby bringing solutions to common problems.

  • The five animals of phoenix, tiger, tortoise, dragon and snake, which provide wonderful insights into how simple sitting in a certain part of a room can make you feel better.

  • The eight trigrams, which give character and color to eight different types of chi. Just by taking in more of one of these energies you can adjust the way you feel and your perception of life.

  • The magic square - the system that brings everything together and allows you to apply feng shui in all its forms to your home, garden, astrology and yourself.

  • The building blocks of feng shui that are the factors that make a real difference to the feel of a home.

  • The design features that define the emotional energy of a home. Steps to take before you redecorate or renovate a building, so that you can make informed choices and design the atmosphere that best suits you.

  • Feng Shui remedies - the positive cures that you can employ to enhance the way you feel at home, without having to undertake drastic alterations. These are items that you can buy easily (or may already have) that can be strategically placed to alter the energy around you.

  • The processes you need to know in order to tailor feng shui in your home to your personal requirements. Master working with floor plans, making a feng shui map of your home, and reading the way energy flows through each room.

  • Applying feng shui to real-life problems, with suggestions to improve your health, moods, relationships, creativity, finances, family life, career and spirituality. It should also includes areas like moving home and getting better connected to the natural environment around you.

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